DDR/DS CS Master Song List
Dance Dance Revolution/Dancing Stage Consumer Software (CS) Master Song List
This list is not affiliated with Konami or any DDR/DS properties. It is purely for reference as these games get harder to find.
This list is only showing games I personally own, therefore it is not a complete list at this stage as I am still aquiring games I'm missing.

Welcome to the master song list for Dance Dance Revolution and Dancing Stage Consumer Software. This list has been complied from all of the games that we personally own and have imported over the years. As we aquire more of the games, the list will expand to include those titles. All coding, compiling and editing has been done by leadbman. Information about the mixes, songs, etc have been sourced from: ReMyWiki and DDR Freak. We have permission from the owners of DDR Freak to use their content on this site and are seeking permission from the people who run ReMyWiki soon. Some of the content, such as unused content that is featured on the discs have been collated from The Cutting Room Floor.

Any content that has not been featured on those sites has been found on our own game discs etc as some of the content on the sites mentioned are incomplete and we are endevouring to create the most complete list of DDR/DS information as we can.

All of the images, names, boxarts, etc are copyrights of their respective owners and have been used here to illustrate the great history of the Dance Dance Revolution/Dancing Stage home releases.

We hope you enjoy perusing this list, it has taken many years of collecting, collating and editing to get to where we are now and we hope to continue to improve on it as time goes on.

Currently this list has ALL known DDR/DS songs now and we are only missing 2 NTSC-U/C games from the entire series (at least in terms of physical games) - DDR Disney Mix and Dance Dance Revolution (PS3). Though these games have the same song lists as the DS Disney Mix and Dance Dance Revolution New Moves respectively.

The only other missing songs are the Xbox/Xbox 360 DLC songs as we didn't own the Xbox games when the DLC was still available.


Region Exclusives:
There are a number of songs that only appear in one region's games, if you click a region below, you can see the songs that only appear in that region. This will alter over time as we finalise our collection.

Show All [1840]
Region Exclusive Songs: NTSC-J [382] | PAL [149] | NTSC-U/C [230] | Worldwide [1]
All Songs From Region: NTSC-J [1122] | PAL [969] | NTSC-U/C [1260] | Worldwide [75]

Total Song Count: 1840 from 90 games.

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